• Cheers - literally never heard of Merseybank until now. My wife said to me today, "What about Stretford?" which is where my dad grew up. Has a kind of tragic circularity to it.

    I already rejected moving back to our home village (Holmes Chapel in case anyone's taking notes for an unauthorised biography of me) because you'd just feel like you've reset the clock 20 years.

  • Forgot we're from the same place. Holmes Chapel is pretty pricey these days. Wilmslow and Alderley won't be all that much cheaper than London.

    We're moving back to the north this very week, albeit from Hong Kong.

    Peak District (fringes of, most likely) ftw. We'll rent for a bit and sell our house in London.

    Why do you want to live in another big city out of interest? Parts of Stockport (Davenport, Woodsmoor, Bramhall) are okay and it's a good commute. Marple, Glossop both worth a look


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