• In a spot of financial strife ATM so having to sell (a) bike in attempt to raise funds - Bidder (with good feedback) made best offer on BIN item which I accepted immediately and sent message to contact me to arrange pick up etc. No reply back in over 48hrs despite polite messages nor any payment. Even send a message giving an easy out saying "No hard feelings please contact me if you want to cancel purchase" but nothing.
    Don't want to pay any fees obviously so opened 'unpaid' case and have re-listed. Can I just cancel the sale saying 'buyer asked to cancel sale'? without eBay/PayPal taking their fees?

  • You can’t say ‘buyer asked to cancel’ because they didn’t and ebay will know.
    Your best bet is to raise an unpaid item claim (as I see you have already done) and assuming you still get no response or ultimately no money; you won’t end up paying fees.
    Unfortunately as with most things ebay, it won’t be a quick resolution.