• Sold a couple of items recently, and soon after buyer asks to cancel the sale giving lame excuses.

    Whats the scam here? Phishing for details?

  • Generally ebay favour buyers so although it sucks; the best thing for you is to just go along with it and keep them on side.
    If you force someone into completing, they could damage the item just out of spite and cost you more time and money.
    The possible scam is that you send them a cancel request, they email you to say ‘actually they will have the item’ and pay you.
    You ship the item and then they accept the cancellation request and get an automatic refund.
    I think this was fixed a few years ago but don’t know exactly how!
    Just beware if they change their mind, they have to officially ‘deny’ the cancellation.
    Otherwise they just accept the cancellation and all it costs you is time and annoyance of relisting.