• Had to dig this out as I’m looking for something similar, found my bike without a front qr the other day, very unpleasant surprise.
    Someone had a go at it, didn’t touch the rear as I throw a beast of a d lock on there, front has a hip lock chain through it. QR skewer gone, mudguard unclipped and brake opened to get the wheel out, but the chain untouched, couldn’t get the wheel so I guess someone at least made sure I had to walk back?
    Looking at these types of skewers but everything seems too short as I have a front carrier mounted (tried the Pinhead). Can’t do Kryptonite as that mounts in the actual fork dropout which in my case is blocked by the rack brackets.
    Any other options out there? Thinking of potentially just using two rear ones of any system?
    Doesn’t have to be very secure as I will still throw locks on, it’s just to make sure the skewers are actually still there after 10+ hours.


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