• Sold an HRM to some guy last week before heading over to NY for 2 days for work. Posted on Monday morning, fly Monday afternoon, I get back on Friday morning to find the guy sent me a message on Wednesday afternoon saying it works fine on some apps but not on the main app he wants it to work with which says he needs to update his iPad to make it work. He doesn't want to update his iPad, so how can I get the HRM to work with his app without having to update his iPad.

    Obviously, I don't get the message until Friday morning because I am 5 hours behind in NY. By the time I see it he's claiming a refund because it's faulty as he can't make it work on his iPad because he doesn't want to update his iPad to make it work.

    WTF is wrong with some people? It's working perfectly, listed accurately, but he expects me to pay him to return it then go through the hassle of selling it again all because he doesn't want to update his iPad!

  • Lmao. What a cunt.

    eBay resolution is mental.
    I sold a phone listed as spares or repairs only. V clearly. Item description and condition.
    The motherfucker has got round eBay's returns policy saying it's not as described. It is. Its bruk meyt, clearly. Every message adds another couple of days for the emperor eBay to make its decision. I've offered a low refund to speed it up and have been told to wait till the 11th of Dec. The issue was raised 5th of Nov. PayPal has witheld 80 bar now for no fuckng reason and both sites are ignoring my protests.
    Don't buy shit if you don't know what you're doing! Fuck!
    And, eBay's app is shit, another sale is coming back because eBay listed it as new other when I clicked on "sell another" in the sellers page and it filled everything in for me!!!!

  • I do wonder if now is the time for a curated eBay clone that isn't completely fucking shit.

    I'd dance on eBays grave if someone took them on and beat them on lower fees and experience.

    The fees you pay to eBay and their bastard offspring PayPal are bonkers given the pure agony of using the service.


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