• Wow! The LVV management sound more like a business than a social enterprise. I don't use the track, but use the outside track so I'm very oblivious to it. Furthermore, from the perspective as a teacher, I've never really seen that many kids out as a part of a school. Also, the Cyclesurgery shut down a week or so ago. Due to sky high rents and not a lot of custom.

    PE / After school clubs have always had pressures related to time and money, but you'd think a facility like this needs to give something back to the borough. There have been some great community BMX projects in S London for example. Often, kids climb over with their BMX's and have a go on the outside BMX track. I just look the other way and challenge them to a race instead. Makes me wonder that they aren't that great at community engagement.

    I think it's more management by spreadsheet than actually talking to people.


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