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  • Canada is vast. Especially British Columbia. My recommendation for other is a Cross/Gravel bike. it'll open up more single track and mountain rides as well as keeping up a good daily average on the roads without breaking yourself.

    I have just returned from Vancouver Island a short ferry trip from Vancouver. There wildness can be found easily and for those that want a slower pace; that's where I recommend you head. Ideally you head for Namaimo, but some of the south island towns such as Duncan and Chemainus are way more chilled and will give you gateway to Salt Spring Island. Saturna, Theatis and many other gulf islands.

    Tofino and Ucluelet are a beautiful; but don't be surprise if you find it an expensive trip.
    Port Renfrew is beautiful and you can rough camp on the beach. Very small outpost style town, has an amazing cove, surrounded by forrest and cliffs.. Get very windy..

    More inland is Lake Cowichan, another former logging town, huge lake, fresh clean mountain springs. Cowichan Valley itself boasts some of the best water in the world, due to our ecosystem; run off from the rain-forrest and vast aquifer.

    There are huge amounts for back-country trails, lakes, mountains and single track connecting it all.. The Cycle community is huge.. Great shops, helpful people and friendly atmosphere. Mount Washington is pretty close, some great summer mountain bike trails and downhill and in winter the best snow. Cumberland and Doumont are also great places to ride. Raw technical single track and epic downhills. Maple Mountain, Tzuhalem, Provost and Heartland down in Victoria, all great places to ride and visit the surrounding local communities.

    West Coast - Best Coast!!

    If you P.M I can recommend places for cheap accommodation and friendly people to network and guide.