• Students who bring bikes to school without a helmet will be able to
    take them home once they return to school with a helmet or, parents /
    carers will be free to collect them after school if they prefer

    Their rule is the kids can't ride the bike away without a helmet, that doesn't change just because its the end of the day. They're not holding the bikes hostage, you can go and collect your kids bike if you refuse to send them to school with a helmet on out of stubbornness

  • That doesn't alter the "erosion of their pupils' personal freedom of choice" ... unacceptable IMO. Stubbornness has nothing to do with it.

  • What are you on about? Nobodys eroding anything. You don't have freedom of choice on everything in life. You just have to get over it.

    I expect that if you were to send your child to junior track sessions you'd write to the velodrome to explain your dismay at them forcing children to wear helmets when its not the law?


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