• I got a reply from the Assistant head. I will be meeting with her on Thursday. Any tips appreciated.

    Many thanks for your e mail and feedback. Although we appreciate that
    cycle helmets are not a guarantee of road safety, we feel that
    anything we can do to reduce risk to our students is a valuable
    measure. Our policy will also include road worthiness of bicycles and
    road safety awareness, which will be detailed in the letter coming out
    to parents shortly. We also have a number of programmes coming up to
    educate our students on road safety to show them why we feel these
    changes are so important. In the last half term alone we have had
    three RTC’s involving our students and feel that the situation is
    becoming a serious safeguarding concern. Our policy is falling in line
    with other local secondary schools and has the support of our local
    policing team. Our intention is purely to make sure our young people
    are cycling sensibly and safely rather than as a punitive sanction.
    Students who bring bikes to school without a helmet will be able to
    take them home once they return to school with a helmet or, parents /
    carers will be free to collect them after school if they prefer. We
    will however not be allowing any child to cycle away from school
    without a helmet on. I would be happy to talk this through with you
    in more detail if you would like to come in for a chat.

  • In the last half term alone we have had
    three RTC’s involving our students

    Ask if these collisions involved parents driving their kids to school. Suggest banning that instead.


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