• Thanks Jez. Touch sensitive. Married to a head teacher of 10 years. I'm chilled. I forget sometimes that.... 1. This is lfgss and it's OK to say whatever you're thinking. 2. Other people have different experiences from me. And 3. I can be a bit arsey sometimes.

    Hamrack, I withdraw your detention! 😀

  • Who would you say is best situated to deal with parents 'shit' in a school? I think that is the ultimate point here.

  • My mother and several friends are classroom teachers, so I was jumping to their defense (i.e. not senior management). I what they have to deal with just to teach their lessons, let alone field parents and internal/external assessment requirements. I wasn't meaning for my posts to come across as attacking head teachers and I appreciate the wealth of other stuff that falls under their remit.

    I can be an arse too. Peace?


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