• I'm not trying to attack head teachers, I'm trying to say that form tutor's aren't a fair target for pressure from parents on this matter.
    If someone's child is having problems in class, then by all means talk to the form tutor. That is their role and it wouldn't be appropriate to talk to the head teacher immediately. However, the head teacher is better paid than a form tutor specifically because they have to deal with parents disagreeing with policy they want to implement within the school. That's not disrespectful of the head teacher, that's being respectful of the form tutor.

    RE the second sentence (which I think is the crux of your displeasure), you should take that in two parts.

    No need to make life (more) unpleasant for someone who is probably up to their eyeballs with shit

    is pretty reasonable and is unrelated to respect for the head teacher. Why make their life unpleasant when it's not their fault?

    from the head teacher already...

    is possibly disrespectful. I've agreed it is a flippant addition to my statement but it's not entirely wrong. Some head teachers do implement onerous policies that are not effective ("shit"). However, it does miss the fact that the head teacher will have been handed some rather unrealistic requirements/targets from the LEA/DfE that has led to the shit the form tutor has up to their eyeballs.

    All in all, saying 'all are disrespectful' is missing the point of my statement and isn't very useful in either trying to enlighten me or anyone else who you feel is disrespectful towards head teachers.


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