• So you may or may not know that we run an 'Introduction to Paint' course at Cole Coatings Workshop.

    A few people have asked for more information and to see the work that's coming out of these courses so I've set up a dedicated thread to show the some of the work and answer any questions.

    Feel free to ask anything about the processes and paint in general and I'll answer as best I can.

    If you fancy taking part in one of our courses, let us know that you're from the forum and we'll give a 10% discount, making the course total only £720 all-in.

    Here's a few shots from the workshop and full build shots from the Quirk and Hartley framesets that were finished here. Full disclosure; both Caren and Rob already have a firm grasp of the fundamentals of refinishing so their schemes are a little more advanced in terms of technical features - namely, the additional stainless masking on the Hartley and the use of a specialist candy hybrid product on the Quirk.

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