• a mould for a hollow lenticular

    I have access to a plastic vakuum machine and have thought of making some lenticular wheel covers. For that I dreamed up using plywood or mdf cut as a reverse bowl by a "cnc" woodshop. I have not got a quote for that yet, so have no idea of cost....

    Couldnt you do something similar?

  • Yeah I've thought about some of those ideas over the years. Also getting a bowl spun in aluminium.

    Here's a thing, if you partially vac a piece of thin plastic film into a round hole, it'll pull the surface into a spherical surface. It's how they make some mirrors for telescopes. For your covers you could do that, pour plaster of paris in and let it dry - then you've got a former. Obvs make it bigger than the actual wheel because then you'll be able to trim it back.

    Having said that, I wonder if I could do something similar here with a well-sealed MDF box with the hole cut in the top and probably a vac bag for the film. The key thing would be how to get a good enough surface to laminate onto. And I'd have to take a female mould off it. Hmmm...


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