• older disk wheels used rivets through the hub flanges in to the carbon sides so maybe thats worth considering in addition to a bond. the hardest part as i see it to this project is true-ness of the wheel in roundness when creating the central hole for the axle. Bonding to the rim is a critical element, the mid 90s through to mid 00s mavic comete suffered from a small bond area which has been know to delaminate. I feel the properties of the glue dont need to be a strong as you think if the surface area is there, an overly hard/brittle formula may sheer sooner than something with a bit more flex given the vibrations and stresses it will be subject to but thats just my own personal view. A foam core is a good idea for a flat sided disc. Ive seen the inside of an old Ambrosio glass fiber disc is made a bit like that/ old skool surfboard way. My Cinelli Carbon Fiber again a Gipiemme creation has the best sound of any disc i have used both old or modern and is probably the most rigid too being full carbon, lenticular and hollow inside. Prepreg might be over complicating things. Have you seen the instructibles on the DIY disc wheel? vac bagging the layup against glass or a very flat surface to make each side.

  • I've only got access to pre-preg. Besides, it's way easier than wet layup!

    For the smaller wheel I've got a glass plate. For the bigger one we've got sheets of aluminium sandwich specifically for laying up flat items and I can stick some PTFE down onto it to prevent the surface pin holing.

    Bonding the two halves together and getting them parallel is no problem. Truing it up on the hub should be no problem with a dti.

    Riveting isn't a good idea in my mind, because you lose fibre continuity and I think 9323 is strong enough. It's a tough adhesive, specifically for sticking aerospace parts together and tabbing high strength test specimens.

    Any ideas what to use as a mould for a hollow lenticular are welcome.

  • a mould for a hollow lenticular

    I have access to a plastic vakuum machine and have thought of making some lenticular wheel covers. For that I dreamed up using plywood or mdf cut as a reverse bowl by a "cnc" woodshop. I have not got a quote for that yet, so have no idea of cost....

    Couldnt you do something similar?


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