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  • Don't have room for a milling machine in my workshop, what's the next best thing? A tube notcher and a pillar drill?

    I used printmymitre website to make my cargo bike, but its not brilliant..

  • If you've got space for a pillar drill, you've got space for a little milling machine surely? If you're looking to do mitres with a machine rather than by hand then I'd recommend a tube notcher. I've got one like this which I use for making car wishbones and ARBs. It's OK, but given the use of bushings in the sliding shaft it's never going to be that accurate and there's a good chance it'll snag if you're using very thin, very hard steel. I might using it for a rough cut on Zona, but I'd expect to have to finish it off by hand to get a really good mitre, and I wouldn't even try using it on thin-walled stainless or higher end tubing.


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