• Here's one from our shop.

    People call it different things when they're asking for it...
    Flip/TVR paint/Chameleon etc...

    This one is two powder pearl pigments over black with a fade in the middle and then a matte clear over the lot.

  • Saw this on your site and love it, matte over flip paint looks amazing. It's probably the finish I'll go for when I get a frame I want to paint. Is a matte finish harder to keep clean/looking sharp than a gloss?

  • In the grand scheme of things I'd say it is more difficult to maintain.
    With a gloss finish you can wet flat and re-polish to remove scratches.
    If you attempted to polish a matte clearcoat, it'd become glossy!

    Without giving you a direct hyperlink for a shameless plug... we do sell a product from NoQuarter that's specifically designed to clean and protect matte finishes.