• Hi CW. I hope you had good hols. Thanks for getting back to me. I'm pretty busy as it happens. I gave a free of charge L1 2 3 course to an experienced cyclist at the weekend. I'm observing in Islington at a school most of this week. I've another foc course for a new cyclist on Thursday. First Aid organised for 9th Oct. DBS organised for 10th October. If I can find work locally or let's say north of the river I'd prefer that. But let's stay in touch. What you're involved in sounds fascinating. Good that you're so busy. Weather is holding too! Cheers. Mel.

  • That's good to hear, I'm up in Haringey a fair bit working or seeing friends. Most of London is within an hour ride, my own thinking has been most other work has a similar commute so never been fussed about riding to work.

    Be careful with trial sessions and days, it's great if they are actively training you somehow via doing it or gainful employment follows but some will just use you to fill a gap and need they have for free labour. If you are observing so "an extra" the ratios should still work if you are subtracted, if not you are working or the session wouldn't be able to go ahead(that's my view on it anyway).


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