• Oooh... sneaky.

    I've found a junction that they really haven't considered very well.

    The Chiswick High Road and Chiswick Lane junction.

    The Westbound turning Southbound flow of traffic is phased to start earlier than purely Westbound, and it looks like this whole junction will need re-phasing to permit Westbound cycle traffic.

    However in the past, holding back the left-turning vehicles backs up Chiswick High Road all the way to Goldhawk Road (happens today too, but knock-on effect used to be worse).

    That one junction is probably the key to the whole of CS9... it could totally foul up Westbound traffic from Hammersmith as no-one will be able to clear this junction in adequate time if cycles are going straight at the same time as traffic. The only solution to that is to reduce flow and phase cyclists at a different period, but this would result in cyclists filtering into traffic to jump the junction and would be worse than today as now the cyclists would filter into the left-turning traffic.


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