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  • I would rather take responsibility of myself entirely and not transfer it on to anyone else

    Ah so you're planning to, or have undertaken some cycle skills training
    Good show!

  • oh yes, motorbike training. and cycling proficiency when I was a nipper.

    makes me a right know it all. see plenty of horrendous riding (seems to correlate with hi-viz...) and get this, never had an issue on the road. had a few "would have been bad" situations, but saw it coming a mile off and it didn't come close to happening.

    everyone should do it

  • It might be worth seeking cycle training again, in the same way driving skills have moved on and some driving practices have been changed entirely cycling is much the same. Motorcycling experience does undoubtedly increase a cyclists ability to identify some risks but at the same time some risks posed to cyclists are not risks to motorcyclists and so aren't identified. We all spot bad riding and driving, it's good you are open to the idea of training delivered by professionals to correct any bad habits you might be unaware you have.


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