• When this happened to me I got like an archive hard drive for pictures beyond a certain year. So currently I have a drive with pics from 2010-2014 which is full, then my current working drive which has 2015 onwards. Each drive then has it's own Lightroom library. Probably not the best solution but works for me. I find that I never really look at stuff I've taken more then a couple of years ago...

  • Yeah good idea. So you've saved like a catalog for each year? In Lightroom then that on a hardrive? Then just delete the catalog on the computer?


    Also what hardrive any recommendations?

  • Um not sure how I did it, was a long time ago. Everything I have in in folders with years. I think as long as you have the folders with the years, it's pretty easy to tell each library what is where. So 2 catalogs in total, 1 for 2010 to 14 then another for the current stuff. But yeah the catalogs are on each harddrive.

    It might actually be possible to keep 1 catolog on the computer with everything and then have all the files on 2 hard drives actually. Not sure if that will confuse it though. They'd show as missing until you plugged the hard drive in? I'm really not sure, I might just be confusing you


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