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  • Yesterday I finished London to Edinburgh on my single speed Cotic Escapade. Set off on Monday from East Finchley and said hello to Cambridge, Wisbech, Boston, Skegness, Grimsby, Hull, Scarborough, South Shields, Berwick and finally Edinburgh. I packed super light, stayed in bnb booked when I decided I'd had enough for the day and ate a million calories. The weather was British, the people I met just lovely, and the feeling unbeatable. No mechanicals. No punctures. My shorts exploded and I bought new en route. Escorted by police off the A1 outside Dunbar...apparently cycling is banned on this stretch. Shouldn't have got on that road really, I was just trying to speed up the last few miles. Most were covered on B roads, less busy A roads and trails.

    Anyway I've posted pics elsewhere but thought I'd post here too cos I'm delighted with myself for doing it and realising at age 61 that I have a lot of cycling in me yet. If anyone is interested I have more info, some valuable lessons learned and a few interesting pics. Cheers. Mel.


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