• Selling on behalf of a dear friend who's letting it go due to finance his moving to UK.

    What we have on our hands is a frame commissioned by the Lithuanian track team in the late 90s, It was made in a Collaboration by Victoria (now Wittson) cycles and a framebuilder in Italy who might have done the Titanium Colnagos and others at the time. It was used in the track until 2006 and has been skidding through the streets for the last year until now.

    Sizes, Threads and Numbers:
    TT length nominal/effective: 58/54cm
    ST length ctc/ctt: 57/61cm
    HT length: 9cm
    ITA BB, 27.2cm Seatpost,
    100/130mm(! ...? no idea myself) Wheel Spacing
    Comes with the original titanium and a Colnago Livery'ied Carbon Time Fork

    Condition: Used with some scratches, a small ding from the handlebars on the TT
    Some Pics:

    More/Bigger Pictures

    The asking price is 600Euro OBO,
    WW shipping, Pick-Up from Corby, UK is also possible.
    Looking forward to any questions.