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    Corporate money helps pay for and supports the majority of sport in this country and elsewhere

    Can we unpack this? Do you mean through sponsorship? That's hardly philanthropy is it, it's a quid pro quo.

  • 'unpack'? Do you work in a corporate industry? I run a little cycling collective for like minded individuals that I think would be well up your strada.

    Yeah, sponsorship forms a large part of it, as well as lottery funding etc. Never tried to pass it off as philanthropic though, because it ain't!

  • No, as mentioned upthread I work for a charity. Does your ad agency know you've been on this thread all morning?

    If you weren't trying to say some version of 'you non-exclusive (read: plebby) types need us corporate types and our money or there'd be no sport for you to enjoy' with your comment then what were you trying to say? It's either disingenuous or just meaningless.

    Still fair play for engaging here. You've been much better behaved here than when I asked you to stop infecting my FB feed...


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