• Hi all. I've been using these hydraulic disc brakes for a couple of months. Bought new, and installed to a new bike. The rear is working fine, however the front brake is not. Overtime the lever pulls more into the handlebars, and stopping power decreases. I've had the system bled twice now by a professional mechanic. Both times it works fine for a while, but gradually pulls into the bars again. There is no signs of any dot 5.1 fluid leakage anywhere, so air must be getting into the system. Currently it's got so bad again, there is no braking power at all.

    Does anyone know if there's a fix for this? Or do I have to strip the bike down and send the parts back to the supplier? Thanks in advance.

  • I found that my RH lever was not returning fully to the original position after using the brake lever because the shifter paddle was working lose and preventing a full range of movement.

  • Yes, exactly this. There's a reach adjustment grub screw between the two levers. It works its way loose over time and you need to keep tightening to push the lever away from the bars.


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