• As @amey says, I have an equilibrium disc. It's a medium like yours. I'm 6 foot on the nose and it fits perfect for me. A respectable amount of seatpost and I think a 110mm stem. Maybe 120mm. Not sure on your size but if it's similar the medium will be great. I look forward to seeing the progress.

  • I am really happy to hear that! There was some doubt still going here. I suppose I am really in between of the two sizes.

    Figured, that if I would go with the 58cm (L) version, the TT would be about 1cm too long, there for would have to use a shorter (100mm or 90mm) stem on it. Also, the standover would be around 82,3cm which is still OK, but I would certainly feel more comfy, safe and agile with a little bit lower value. ST would be great tough (could use fairly short seatpost).

    As for the Medium (56cm) frame of 2016, the standover is around 81cm which is a lot better. TT of 56cm is spot on for the sporty ride and just a little bit short for comfort. I figured, that 110mm stem should be great if I would want to go with the lower handlebars. And for more comfy ride I should go with 120mm. So I'll start with the 120mm version first and will see on the go. ST of the M version is on the short side, but a standard seatpost would still be more than enough to get me into appropriate height. Added benefit of the M size vs L size would be lower weight, which is always good :) So I went with M for the highlighted reasons and plus, the L size of 2016 was out of stock anyway.


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