• I run Talbot Frameworks. I've built lots of bikes for people on here. So what, got a problem?

    I started a new business with Caren Hartley, from Hartley cycles. Yeah she's a woman, she owns a mill and makes stuff, big whoop wanna fight about it?

    We are both really busy and successful and modest (I'm more modest than her) and decided to make a new firm that batch produces framesets, to get more people riding our bikes. Yeah it's a great idea, we came up with it all on our own.

    Why does anyone buy a Talbot? Sick candy fadez. Why does anyone buy a Hartley? Got cool bridges and head badges and stuff. So we stuck those things together and made a bike. It's also got other stuff on it, I don't know, whatever. Here's the spec's.

    Road Disc brake specific bike
    Hand Made from Reynolds 853, Columbus spirit
    and life and dedaccai zero tubing
    Columbus futura gravel fork with through axle, flat mount disc,
    mudguard mounts and tapered 1 1/8 - 1 1/4 carbon steerer
    44mm headtube
    Flat mount disc dropouts
    Through axle front and QR rear
    Internal routing for brake cables
    Internal routing through frame for Dynamo cables
    Bi-axially ovalised downtube and top tube

    The price for this frameset, and everyone to like you? £1750. That includes the Columbus Futura fork and a Chris King headset. But what's this? A MaSS1VE D1SC0uNT for LFGSS gang?

    £1290. That's right. The headset and fork cost near enough £437 (they actually cost more, but just run with me on this) which means you're getting a frame, built by me and Caren for £853. Woah, symmetry. Look how far we've come, but still humble! (You can't buy the frame seperately, don't even ask bro). This offer is for the first batch of 30 framesets, when they're gone they're gone. Isn't that a great phrase? Repeat something for effect. Repeat something for effect.

    Follow this link for your chance to own a bargainous piece of cycling history:


    SRS though, any questions just drop me a line.

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