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  • yup that will be a jis bb. post a picture of the crankset? dont use cottered axle length, will be waaaaaay out! if its a road double being used for single ring up front, and you want to use the outer ring, then you want it pretty close, 110/107 maybe even 103. thats if you are running it to a fixed hub at the back, but then you mention geared set up? there is definitely an element of guesswork involved in trying to marry road cranks to spindle length and chainline.

  • Tried to order one in for the weekend but no luck so going to give me local store another chance at the behest of @acdiz86 and see if they can help me out, otherwise London Velo or Cycle PS although they are significantly more of a ball ache. Straps and wheel procured and cranks in picture


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