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  • I guess my constant banging on about cycling has had an effect and now planning a build for lady velohobbit. This will probably come about in a few iterations, the first of which I'm hoping to have up this weekend. This idea is to make an inexpensive build first up that she can get used to and if she hates then no drama, then improve as she enjoys and rides more.

    F&F: kindly donated by @acdiz86 about 8 months ago
    Wheels: Spare front I had laying about and a rear I'm picking up from wheelfox
    Crankset: SR cranks from the parts bin (more on them later)
    Pedals/Straps: Again, parts bin
    Bars/stem: You guessed it, parts bin
    Front brake: Condor

    Frame is ratty af, again once she has a better idea on what she'd like it will be a job which I'm really looking forward to!

    Thanks to @jsabine for the coffee/tools/natter I finally managed to removed the old BB from the frame

    Question on the crankset - anyone know a way to determine if the spindle is ISO or JIS ? Cranks are nothing crazy, think the caps said SR Sakae which Sheldon says may be JIS?

    Looking for any advice on what to do moving forward, mainly paint ideas and inspiration!

  • Following! I can vouch for the fact that the frame is, indeed, ratty as fuck!

    Curious to see what you manage to make out of it. Have fun :)


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