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  • What an ace night and turnout (despite not-knowing I had double-booked with a London Velo party).

    Great safe racing and ace vibe from the crowd.

    I love events like this.

    Appreciate people wanted to jet at the end; it was late and chilly down in the tunnel.

    Out of 24 racers our winners were:

    1: Mitch - Money + Boss Card
    2: Sanchez (NLTCBMBC) - Less money + Mini-Boss Card
    3: Jenson - Props

    1: Jo (Fixed Beers) - Money + Boss Card
    2: Aurelija - Less money + Mini-Boss Card

    Will meet up with you guys for prizes soon!

    Thanks again y'all!

    Don't forget: NLTCBMBC will be running a drag sprints in town late summer; less riding, more prizes!


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