• As questions about the job come in I will add as an FAQ here:

    Q1. You advertise it as a flexible job, but do weekends have to be worked?

    The type of contract we're offering is with flexible hours that you can decide. You manage your availability with us, we offer your availability to individuals / groups that want cycle training from us. We always need additional capacity at weekends, so we'd hope all applicants can guarantee at least one weekend day with us each week.

    Q2 You advertise it as nearly £14ph. Does this include travel time, lunch, holiday pay or is it just for the hours worked?

    Our hourly rate of £13.72 is before tax, for all contact time. We also pay admin credits for lead instructors (and in some cases co-instructors, depending on the nature of the session), and travel is paid after 10 miles of cycling each day at the same hourly rate. So if you spend 2 hours travelling to/from sessions, you get paid for 1 of those 2 hours.


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