• This is Sheffield's awesome crew organising their famous & beloved tournament under the pseudonym Biff Clanger this year. If you’d like to join us, please fill in the form to register:

    Dates: 8th and 9th of July, 2017
    Location: Shoreham Street, Sheffield
    Format: ABC Swiss rounds on the 1st day, 2 sets of double eliminations for the 2nd day
    Registration fee: £12 per player - we'll give you PayPal & bank details for payment after you signed up to secure your spot!

    To build on the previous years’ success, we are again aiming to provide a weekend of fun, inclusive, friendly polo for all scenes.

    FB event 'ere

    To ensure games are as closely matched as possible, the format will be an ABC format over two days.

    On the first day, we'll play Swiss Rounds (should be at least 4 rounds, maybe 5, if we are all very regimented). On the Sunday, we'll split the seeding from the Swiss rounds into two separate double-eliminations, with the aim of making for really close games right the way through the finals.

    Teams: We'll aim to sort out ABC teams at least one week in advance of the tournament - as such, the deadline for registering as a player will be the 1st of July. We should be able to cater for up to 16 teams (with tight scheduling).

    Queries/comments to: soyopoloco@yahoo.com!

    Pololove & hugs,
    SoYo Polo Co


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