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  • Bought an enve garmin mount for $40 when there were none available in Europe back in Feb, paid $42 for shipping so it got here "within a week" rather than the only other option which was 15-30 days.... Thought £60 wasn't too bad for something that hadn't been in stock anywhere for months and wasn't planning on being in stock until April with a GB RRP of £50.

    It "arrived in the UK" just two days after i had ordered it - JOY!

    When tracking it on the USPS website it said it was no longer in US so i should use Parcelforce.

    When using Parcelforce it said it wasn't in the UK so i should use USPS.

    It stayed like this for FIVE WEEKS.

    I finally got a letter though from Parcel Force SIX WEEKS AFTER I ORDERED IT demanding £20 for import tax, handling fees and excise duty etc.

    After paying up it was delivered about a week later.

    £80 and about two months. Fuck my life.

    The moral of this story: don't ever order anything from the US ever. ever. fucking waste of time and money.

  • Starting to think I should never order anything from the UK ever. ever. fucking waste of time and money as well.

    Ordered from Evans end of August. Still not here, I am in Canada.
    Tried the tracking number.
    Parcel is bouncing around in Brazil. WTF????
    And a couple of inquiries to Evans have gone unanswered.
    They used to be okay, Evans, but have gone to hell now.


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