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  • i believe there are many stories about el putas de aguadas its local folklore, here is Antioquia. Lost stories that kids would have known from the 1930s and 1950s.

    He was from the countryside, a peasant, rover, fighter, chamarreo, lover of the worse kind. In a very wild wild west after the breakup of New Granada/Gran Colombia (Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Venezuela, Guyana).

    There are also fables about a freckled monkey and a mountain man from these parts.

    Basically the message is, 'hold tight, here I come' The pair of machetes have names of his two biggest foes, he killed in great battles, inscribed on the handles. He would be your worst nightmare, with vultures and trumpet fanfare.

    the literal translation is very different talk of a recipe with lemons, bad salty water and shit, warning you not to invite this guy. Total play on words, only Colombians understand, probably familiar street slang from yesteryear.

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