• As per above - very interesting thread.

    I am 49 years old and have been in the same job for 30 years (since leaving school). I am married and have one daughter. I also have a mortgage. The family ties and mortgage obligations mean I have no opportunity to change jobs at the moment - and, really, not in the future either. I am somewhat happy with my lot but always think of doing something else - a job which makes you feel productive or one where you can actually see what you have achieved at the end of the day.

    In the past two years, I got into a rut, too much drink, weight increasing, puffed out after walking up stairs, smoking too much etc. etc. I began to try to get fitter - cycling, 30 day squat ap, 5 a side, playing squash - really acting the youngster again! I enjoyed the sport and exercise and have continued to progress it. I then altered my diet and reduced my weight by healthy eating (not dieting). Two years on, I feel better and more content but I have suffered from aches and pains from day one. I attended my doctor who tested me for everything but, thankfully, he found nothing wrong. This did not help me a lot as I was aching every day, to the point I had difficulty getting out of bed and I guessed that the exercise was the reason (usually after 3 hours of squash).

    Four weeks ago, a friend asked me to go to Bikram Yoga with him. He has been going for 5 years as he had a bad back and it seemed to help him so I decided to give it a go. 90 minutes of Hatha Yoga in a room heated to 40 Degrees Celcius. I found it difficult but enjoyable. I should mention, I have never done any form of yoga before. I was very careful to monitor myself over the following few days to see if it made a difference to my aches and pains. The following morning I found they had disappeared! This lasted for 3 weeks when I returned for another class. The lack of pain was a complete eye-opener for me - it was incredible and continues to be so. I would recommend it to anyone - even those without the aches and pains.

    The crux of my post is coming now - 2 weeks after the yoga, I was thinking about my health etc. and found that I felt more positive about things. I had a spring in my step and when I was beaten at squash, I didn't get too annoyed. The only thing I can think of which would have had this affect on me was the Bikram Yoga - I have no idea how but it seems to have reduced my stress levels and given me a more positive outlook - all good stuff!!! I am not saying it was mind changing but it seems to have had some affect to my mental wellbeing.

    Perhaps, you could be happy with your lot by changing some things in your lifestyle to reduce the affect of work. I would really strongly suggest you try yoga - Bikram seems good as it never changes (the exercises remain the same) so every class is a beginners class. For £13 it is worth a gamble.

    If you do try it, I would appreciate some feedback to see if I am a unique case or not. (I am not sponsored by any form of yoga!!)


  • Ok. That's done it. You're the third person to tell me to get myself to a Bikram Yoga Class. OM fit and stiff as a plank and blame aches and pains on cycling injuries accumulated over the years. I'm gonna try it. Watch this space.


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