• I have worked in Architecture for the last 12 years as a draftsman. About 5 years in I was really hating it so moved to New Zealand for a fresh start but still working in the same industry. It turns out that it is the same old shit on the other side of the world too. The last two years have been especially bad, we now have a young daughter who I get to see very little off due to the pressures of work. and when I am free of work I tend to need my own space and spend most of it getting drunk. It really started to affect the family (not that I was a drunk, but just not giving the family my all). I was getting fucking sick of it. It didnt really help that I was also working for a bullying cunt.

    A friend of mine has worked as a sales rep for a construction materials/ power tools company for the last year and a half and really enjoys it. He also makes considerably more money than I do (he is 24 I am 34). The more I spoke to him the more I thought I would be really good at that and enjoy it more than I do my current job (not hard). A job came up at his company just after Christmas so I applied. I herd nothing for 6 weeks so my partner and I made the decision to move back to the UK after 7 years, and then told all our family. 3 weeks ago this company called me out of the blue out of hundreds of applicants, two quick interviews later and I had been offered the job. It meant having to tell our family that we wouldn't be moving back to the UK with their granddaughter after all as I would now be starting a new carrier is sales (an opportunity I dont think I would get in the UK).

    So, after that rant, I start my new job as a sales rep in a week, dont have to work for fucking architects any more and get a brand new ford ranger Ute. I am fucking terrified as I have no idea what to expect. But, I also haven't been this excited about work for a very long time!


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