• Looks like these are the options. Whilst everywhere else is moving away from one-way streets Haringey is viewing them as a solution.

  • One-way streets get put in all the time. You'd wish there was progress, but unfortunately these things are cyclical, and the reasons why one-way streets are a very bad idea are soon forgotten if they don't get emphasised all the time. Add to that the facts that a lot of people intuitively, without thinking much, think they're a great idea (get games of chicken and fisticuffs in your street? easily solved--one-way streets!) and that filtering seems to people impossibly daring, taking away their freedom, and/or interfering with a 'modern' lifestyle, and one-ways can actually, indirectly, be prompted by a suggestion to filter.

    The above options are really fairly standard. One-ways are in there because they're seen as intermediate between the most basic and the luxury option. Of course, they're not 'intermediate' but something completely different. I do hope the local campaign manages to persuade a lot of people to back Option 4. And, lest we forget--a few years ago, an Option 4 wouldn't even have been on the menu. There was a long period in which very little filtering was done in London.


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