• I'm a pharmacist and I find myself in a similar position to you.... I grew tired of working in the NHS (5 years in a district hospital); I also found that the stress was affecting my health and general wellbeing - I was a pretty shitty person to be around at times.

    I left the job to travel for a while.

    On my return I got myself a very respectable job as a medical writer in London.
    ...But unfortunately I struggled to pick-up the writing style and adapt. I also realised that I'm a crap writer and the job wasn't right for me!

    ...So the cycle continued and I've just returned home after spending 2 months in Nepal.
    My travels were cut short because a family member has recently become ill and I'm helping out with some of the care work.

    I'm not really sure about my 'next move' but I'm considering something part-time and away from pharmacy.


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