• Our experience ( LVCC) is that Lea Valley Park don't want to engage with users other than as customers. I did hear that there was a decision made from the start for it not to be used as a base for a club or clubs.
    There was no interest in sports development when it opened but that does seem to be changing .

  • This sounds very similar to Glasgow.

    It was about 3 years before the management here started taking bookings from clubs because there was a fear that one or two clubs would try and dominate the whole thing and make it a monopoly (i.e. join our club or don't get track time) and also that they'd come in and be doing things that'd damage the track.

    Development of riders too, management of Glasgow see that as the job of the NGB but they are coming round to the fact that they need to invest a bit of effort in this in order to maintain usage.

    The problem up here (and I'd imagine it's a similar story in lvv) is that the people who are ultimately making the important decisions are not participating in any of the sports that happen in their venues. They're looking at things from a business point of view. It's not ideal but if you let the users run the places it'd be dirt cheap entry fees and do what you want and the only question would be whether or not the place would fall apart before it went bust.


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