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  • The first one, will give it another go as I do like both strong and smokey beers. Will keep an eye out for the other.

    Got their South Pacific Porter and either the Pacific IPA or Rye Amber in the fridge downstairs. Should be a nice mid-afternoon tipple.

  • Was first introduced to Yeastie Boys beers with the Pot Kettle Black porter, very tasty beer.

    I'm a huge Laphroaig fan so the Rex Attitude/xeRRex are right up my street!

  • Just cracked open the PKB and Divine Hammer (amber ale). Both good.

    Also tried "Beyond the pale - b carotene" by Garage Project, couldn't tell if the sweetness came from the carrot or the maple but it was pretty good and I'll kid myself into thinking it passes as a health food drink.


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