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  • I wondered. You know. Given how time passes and many of you will have passed the 60 mark. And maybe no longer qualify for the middle aged thread? That's me anyway. 61 this month. Still not pushing up the hills. But I do need a desk nap most days. So. Fellow sextuagenarians. How are your bones?

  • Good thread!

    In the UK number of people cycling declines after 60. What would you suggest we do to keep older folk cycling or encourage them to take up cycling?

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  • First advice is....if you've started, don't stop! Ok. Be prepared to change your cycling regime.....add more rest...even slow down a little but the good news is that with age comes endurance....really. A touch of the hare and the tortoise comes into play...just a touch mind.

  • Don't give them Oyster 60+ free travel in London ...


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