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  • I'm a member of iceni, it's a great club with lots of members and therefore plenty going on, lots of people race, TT and are also into cross/mtb etc.

    The only thing I will say is the Sunday club runs can feel like they become a little stale as they tend to use a set of tried and tested routes, but the start is always 8am so getting back home for lunch isn't a problem and there's usually 2 if not 3 groups so you can have a steady day in the medium/slow group if you feel like it. The fast group can be pretty ruddy fast at times, average well over 20moh some weeks, you can buy that kind of training though.

    Groups of club riders will usually be in attendance at most local events of any significance. Boudicca sportive, Norwich 100 etc. There will pretty much always be a group to ride with.