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  • the proportion of cyclists RLJing has reduced

    yes with mass cycling come changes...

    The proportion of helmet wearers is up
    The proportion of right filtering cyclists is up
    The proportion of fixie skidderz is down
    The proportion of universal/apollo mtbs is down
    The proportion of day glo wears is up
    and general cycle skills have improved

  • I'm glad it's not just me feeling that way.

    I think the next big hurdle for cycling numbers is getting bikes back onto trains as a normal sight so those who live further away won't see it as drive door-door or train+tube but train+ride. That or decent bike parking with cctv/security at the more major stations.

    Hope the next tube strike is on a day with good weather, more likely to convert people.

  • Getting bikes back onto trains is going to be challenging, when most of the train operators in London forbid you from taking unfolded ones on trains during rush hour.

    Had a conversation with a colleague yesterday who was late into work owing to tube/train problems. He lives in Earlsfield, and the office is in Green Park - 6 miles away. A perfect cycle commuting distance. He doesn't see the point in biking though as:
    'It's too dangerous'
    'It's usually quicker by train/tube'
    'I'd have to spend £800 on a Brompton, as I couldn't fit a full sized bike in my flat'
    'I go out at the weekends in London, so I might as well just get a travelcard'
    'I also have to work out of our City office, which is 9 miles from home'
    'There's a big hill that I'd have to ride up'

    All reasonably valid points for someone who's not used to cycling.....


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