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  • Such numbers, no source, outdated units.

    It's not that simple. Pretty much all modern agricultural practices are detrimental to the environment regardless of what is being produced. The earth's topsoil is being stripped of all nutrients and the ability to retain carbon. A new approach to all elements of food production is required, regardless of if you're trying to produce meat or veg.

    We're not entirely fucked, but a global, grassroots awareness of what's happening and how to change is required immediately. This won't happen by splurting out well-meaning but oversimplistic, unbalanced statements.

  • Yeah, I've seen those type of articles before. Crazy how people used to eat local, seasonal food, had a respect for the land and it's produce and things weren't so bad.

  • I love the way The Telegraph makes you feel bad for wanting to eat healthy, and then includes meat and dairy as by notes at the end of the article. Whatever way we can help alleviate the problem, will help. If we don't ALL do something about it, then what's the point.