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  • Hmmm, that could be a good plan. I have to admit I'm partial to Jameson's but my thinking was the when in Rome etc. I'm here for a year so try something new. Having lived in Scotland for a long time I developed a very partisan taste.

    Any recommendations for American rye Whiskeys?

  • Bulleit Rye is pretty decent for mass produced stuff, but I think you'll have to experiment. Living in the SW you'll pay a premium for bourbon as it's region specific (Kentucky), but it seems like new distilleries are opening all over the US now and probably producing some interesting stuff like blue corn whiskey (native to NM, btw). Think global, drink local, or something like that.

  • blue corn whiskey made in Texas but looks good!

    I've been told of a decent liquor store on the other side of town, so I'll go see what they have and recommend.

    Availability so far is pretty mainstream, Pendleton and also Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye seem to be the best on offer.

    I'm sure they'll both be pretty drinkable if maybe not memorable.

    Thanks everyone for the advice.


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