• Phone is rooted and overclocked running a custom firmware, pc is overclocked, just about everything we pass to people is soon after cracked/hacked open and modified to barely be recognised. I don't see why this shouldn't be extended to car software or why anyone would expect any different.

    If the algorithm says only accelerate 60% and pass cyclists with 1.5m space it's only a matter of time before someone changes it to 100% and 0.5m. It's a rather endless list of ways you could modify them to drive differently.

  • That's a great pdf on how it can recognise anything from a roads lane markings to a gravel track and that it will center in the lane or track. Has 0 about other roadusers? Somewhere be it by picture examples the car will aim to replicate or by hard numbers, the car will be driving off a logical list of commands to follow.

    Is car in lane? does it look like the picture? is it 0.2m left/right of center

    check sensor/camera

    car isn't in lane/doesn't look like picture/isn't 0.2m left/right of center

    adjust steering wheel left/right

    return to top

    I don't think invalidated insurance ever stopped anyone doing anything, overheating and stuff is a common concern for existing car software mods too.

    I think it's going slightly off topic maybe more a discussion for the generic self driving cars topic.

    Anyway imo the big one for cycle training is stuff like this, when a human driver sees this they usually understand the riders are together "oh look the local school has cycle training" but when a self driving car sees this what will it do? does it see them all as individuals and constantly attempt to get between riders? Also with the talk about self driving cars maybe responding to hand signals what happens when only the instructors signal? Would/should this impact how trainees are moved to drill sites?

    How many cyclists ahead can a self driving car define/map, if you put one behind an ASL in clapham with 20-30 riders infront of it would it detect all of them? Will it become a think campaign "Think! don't ride in groups of more than 5"


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