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  • Ok I guess my saddle bag was ridiculously big- plus I had shit that I needed to constantly access, Never again.

    Think small bug screen where your head is, as part of bivi, rather than full on bug bivi.

    Hells Canyon (all 100 miles of it) and other places will be 40 degs +

    You will welcome cold and rain but only rarely experience it.

    If you are caught out in full on rain (which you will be) consider yourself fucked- nothing and I mean nothing will withstand it, find any shelter as soon as you can.

    You'll be silly hot again within a matter of hours.

  • I guess I was constantly getting out my spare shorts, putting them on for a couple of hours until the pain got too much then taking them off and putting them back in the saddle bag. If I sort a saddle that doesn't kill me, I won't need a spare pair of shorts so will only need to access jacket and/or gore shorts when it's going to tip it down. I could use a smaller saddle pack in that case. If I use a full framebag then I can put the tools in it and further reduce the need for a saddle bag. But framebags mess with my knees a bit so really I'd like to get rid of them too. Maybe I should just spend $30k and enter RAAM so some other fucker has to carry all this shit :D

    Sorted: I'll look for a weatherproof bivvy for the UK and a lighter one with netting for the US.

    Hells Canyon sounds fun.

    Ed Pickup said he missed all the rain (though most of the midfield had it the whole race) but he had issues with humidity on the East coast.

    Pouring rain if I was already riding in TCR just meant putting on the jacket and continuing riding. If I was stopped somewhere, like a market, I probably just hung around for a bit until it eased off. Humidity is great because you don't get any evap cooling... fuck.


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