• Ah, so this is meant to be plonked on top of Walthamstow Town Square Gardens, demolishing some of the existing mall and adding new build to it?

    While I don't necessarily object to mixed-use development, I think tower blocks exercise a negative influence on the ambience of public spaces.

    You can see how pdfs like that don't tell the whole story--I find it difficult to get a handle on what the elements are supposed to be from it. It doesn't tell any of the history, e.g. what land deals there were.

    It appears as if the land hasn't been sold yet? I find it deeply problematic if planning applications for public land go in and are later followed by a land sale. Is that the case here?

  • It's not at all clear - apparently they haven't even made a planning application yet. It seems that the strategy is to publicise the plans first and then negotiate with the council.

    The proposals talk about 2000 new homes; TfL better be thinking about how to increase capacity at walthamstow central. They have already removed the barriers at the top of the escalators but ultimately will need to create a new exit - perhaps at the london end of the platforms which could emerge somewhere in the vicinity of the proposed development.