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  • I go through the tunnel every day, and no matter how busy it is, however crowded with schoolchildren, tourists or a coach-load of retirees, half the people in the lift will clip-in before the lift doors have opened, and launch themselves off down the ramp as if it were the start of the Olympic time trial.

    I am sorry to say, I wouldn't trust most of the people who cycle through the Foot Tunnel to wash their hands after taking a shit, never mind make a judgement call on what may or may not constitute safe or courteous behavior.

  • ^+100

    And don't get me started on the knobs who cycle through it with their full off-road, 10,000 lumen lights blazing. In the fucking Summer..

    Traversing the Tunnel (and negotiating the truly appalling displays of parking outside Arnhem Primary Road on the Isle of Dogs) is a daily reminder that loads of people are extra-ordinarily selfish cunts, however they choose to transport themselves..


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