• Seemed to work for me. Is there a way to change email for an account? This account is registered with googlemail.com but now sign into everything else with gmail.com so it signed me into a userXXX account rather than this one?

  • I suspect I'm going to have to build a change email function, and then fix it for people by resetting stuff.

    In the meantime, try entering the email on here into the box and being sent the code.

    Also, specifically for gmail and googlemail, I'm going to match accounts based on an email that has no . or + and is all lowercase, and whose domain becomes gmail.com ... even if the original sign-up account was foo.bar+lfgss@googlemail.com I'll match based on foobar@gmail.com because there's just too much variance in Google email.s

  • Ok.

    Email in the box and code works. OSX, Chrome Version 52.0.2743.116 (64-bit), Private browsing. Will have a go on other devices after lunch. Quick/slick - easier to understand what's happening compared to Persona.

    Doubled checked the "sign in with Google" and regardless of gmail/googlemail once I've logged into that account it keeps signing me into the account associated with gmail. Stupid google crap.


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