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  • I'm not too good (yet, there's hope) at building wheels and never had a dishing tool. Last wheel I built (which was only my second one really), I tried to be very serious and focused, the lack of dishing tool (especially when resting the wheel on 3 cans of beans to try assess if rim was centered) was a bit of a pain in the ass. I'm building a tandem wheel soon and really wanted one. Having seen few DIY options online I decided not to buy but make one.
    I've made it adjustable so all my bikes should be covered, from Brompton to 700c. My neighbor gave me the wing nut types bolts, so, apart from the 6.4mm router bit I didn't spend anything, all being bits of wood from the shed. I just need a longer threaded rod for the part resting on the hub. I hope it's going to work fine, quite happy how it turned up compared to what I had in mind...


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